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An editorial shoot involves a lot of people working together to produce an illustrative story through their vision. It is a highly creative process often involving endless interpretations. Editorials don’t put money into artist’s pocket but are essential to get the ad jobs and campaigns. No editorial can happen without a makeup artist. Makeup is a key factor in the fashion world and every editorial spread. As fashion editorials are used to tell a story, create a fictional reality or awaken a certain emotional state, it is crucial to have professional makeup application as it gives a continuation of the theme or story. So, what is editorial makeup?

Editorial makeup is makeup that is usually not worn everyday and used for magazine spreads and runway. This type of makeup has to interpret fashion and provide a look that will help to achieve the image a client, brand, photographer or art director requires. Throughout an editorial shoot a client will tell what they want, it might be something new or with a very specific look. In this case, a good conversation with the make-up artist (and hair stylist) is absolutely essential.


Like many behind-the-scenes professionals in the entertainment industry, movie makeup artists know they’ve done a good job when their work goes unnoticed. The goal of the hair and makeup department is for moviegoers to see a terrifying army of undead zombies rather than an army of extras wearing pounds of makeup and prosthetics. This doesn’t mean that the job of a movie makeup artist or special effects makeup professional is easy—it takes years of training and incredible dedication to work consistently and successfully as a film makeup artist.


Prosthetic makeup is the technique to create advanced cosmetic effects. At this time, We are one of the only special effects makeup artists in the midlands that often travels internationally.

Special effects makeup artists will spend much of their time using cosmetics and appliances to create the appearance of bruises, cuts, blood, old age, deformities, mutations, and more. Sometimes this specialist artist is charged with creating monsters using makeup and prosthetics, often made of latex, silicone, or rubber. A special effects make-up artist works with live models or structures in the entertainment industry, applying make-up or prosthetics for a theatrical effect.


Rah Tribe is a professional makeup artist and has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Rah’s exquisite vision for your look on your special day will turn you into the bride of your dreams.

She can provide beautifully designed looks for your engagement pictures, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and all other events leading up to the big day.

Rah spends every minute with you to lovingly create the wedding look you desire. Your joy is her priority and that is why in addition to exhibiting the highest standard of professionalism, Rah displays an unparalleled level of sensitivity when undertaking this important task. In excellent hands, you’ll be calm, jubilant and in happy spirits.

We all want to feel special on our big day and Rah will help you on that journey. Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess when they’re getting married? Let Rah turn you into the stunning bride you’ve been dreaming of.


It makes no difference if you need acting headshots or professional headshots. Either way, you are having your headshots created to market yourself. Actors, you will be putting your headshot directly in front of people who are making split-second decisions on whether or not you get hired based off of your look.

Most people are a little stressed and nervous about their headshots in the first place, so why add one more thing to your list to stress about. If you hire a makeup artist, you know your makeup is going to be topnotch which is one less thing you have to think about. You will simply get to focus on the direction the photographer is giving you which means your shots are simply going to be better.


Male grooming is one of my most favourite things to do. I get booked for it a lot, I think because I like the challenge of showing restraint in the application. Alot of models already take great care of their skin I just want to make it look perfect with lighting hitting from all angles.

Being a professional makeup artist is the biggest blessing and the best job. I’m super stoked to continue to work with photographers, stylists, and talent in 2019!


Airbrush Makeup is an incredible makeup technique, under this technique, no brushes or blenders are used and makeup is almost “Spray Painted” on your face. The spray dot-pattern the airbrush puts down on the skin looks the most flawless on camera than the patterns and trace lines that brushes, fingers and sponges leave behind.


Covering a tattoo / scar / birthmark takes skill, practice, experience, and A LOT of products. Rah Tribe Artistry has the ability to make your tattoo / scar / birthmark disappear – using MAKEUP! Our techniques and makeup formula promise a 24+ hour, even in the most used places. No need to worry about makeup rubbing off, or your tattoo shining through. No one will ever know it was there, except for you!

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